Highly Capable Program

Tacoma Public Schools works every day to develop the special abilities of each student. Our Highly Capable services are designed to meet the needs of gifted students at all grade levels and are available across the district.

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2nd grade screening FAQ

For information regarding the Highly Capable program, eligibility, placement, and services, please contact the Highly Capable office at 253.571.1120 or hcservices@tacoma.k12.wa.us

Highly Capable Screening 

Universal Screening 

All second-grade students are screened in February for Highly Capable eligibility with services and/or program placement to begin the following school year.  More information will be sent to all second-grade families in January.  

New and Current Students

New and current students in all other grades who would like to be screened for Highly Capable eligibility, can submit the Online Referral Form for review and/or possible screening.  Referrals are completed in April with services and/or program placement to begin the following school year.

HiCap Transfer​​​ Students

For students that qualify for Highly Capable services in another district or state, please complete the Online Referral Form and email official identification documentation to hcservices@tacoma.k12.wa.us.

The Highly Capable team works with families on a case-by-case basis to gather information and place transfer students into the appropriate Highly Capable services.

Appeal FormTo appeal the MDSC decision, complete the above form.  Appeals are for the eligibility/non-eligibility decision only; not for the specific service model/program that is offered.

Appeals must be submitted within 15 school days of receiving a non-eligible decision.

Online Referral Form

Students can be referred by their parent/guardian, teachers, community members, or through self-referral. The information from the referral is considered along with a cognitive score and other assessments. 

Referred students with a cognitive score on file may not be re-screened. The multidisciplinary selection committee (MDSC) must approve any re-screening.

Exit/Opt-Out Form

Complete this pdf form to withdraw from Highly Capable services for the current year or permanently.