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Mask Up Tacoma Public Schools

TPS Nurse, Trusted Health Professional, suggests students and staff wear a mask

I mask up to get students back in school. By practicing healthy habits, such as masking up, I protect myself and everyone around me, helping return our children to in-person learning sooner. I wear a mask for the health and safety of all our students and staff.  😷➡️

The Health Services Department office is located at the Central Administration Building for Tacoma Public Schools.

Shallae Hobbs, MN, RN, NCSN Administrator

Tracking cases within Tacoma Public Schools

UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2021: In the event of a positive COVID-19 case at a TPS school or office location, we work directly with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) as they conduct contact tracing. Based on the guidance provided by TPCHD and the school COVID-19 case response tool kit, notifications are sent to impacted staff, students and families. Each case and situation requires unique action as determined by the TPCHD.  
Per a change in the guidance from TPCHD,  whether people must quarantine now depends on whether they are vaccinated or not. If a COVID-19 positive individual is found to have close contacts while contagious, those who were in close contact must quarantine only if they are not vaccinated. Close contacts who are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine unless they are symptomatic.  

Our chart is updated to reflect that change starting in September.  
Please note that cases of students or staff not actively in school attendance while contagious are not reflected in this chart.

The data on this COVID-19 case tracking chart displays active cases known by Tacoma Public Schools at the time they occurred. This chart does not include cases that occurred during Spring Break when schools were closed.