Introduction to Plumbers and Pipefitters

The High School Introduction to Plumbers and Pipefitters program (HIPP) is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and begin to develop the skills needed to pursue in a career in the pipe-trades field.

Water and gas lines behind a wall

Have you ever wondered how building "work?"  Pipefitters install piping that delivers liquids and gasses throughout buildings.  Typically in new construction, pipefitters install the infrastructure for hospitals, skyscrapers, schools, retail stores, and any other type of commercial or industrial building. 

Students will attain industry recognized certification through preparatory training of in-demand high-wage careers. Students will learn welding, soldering, brazing, rigging, tube bending, and more with hands-on activities and projects to prepare them for their interview with Local 26-SWWPT.  

Through project-based learning, students will learn important concepts in the field of pipefitting, including:

  • How to set up sight and transit, shoot grade and locate marks using surveying techniques.
  • Match measurement activities to manufacturing process.
  • Describe and explain drawings and blueprints.
  • Identify different thread types
  • Cut and turn threads on steel pipe

Upon completion of the program students are certified in Occupational Safety and Health Administration: OSHA 10, scissor lift operation, and will receive completion certificate from the Southwest Washington Pipe Trades.

Student using a torch to join two pipes

Summer 2023 Program Details

  • Application window open: Ongoing
  • Program dates: June 26th to June 30th
  • Meeting location: Lincoln High School (then transported by school vans to Lacey for training at the apprenticeship training center for pipefitters)
  • Notify selected applicants: Early June
  • Approximate hours to complete: 40 hours
  • Certifications: Scissor lift, OSHA 10, HIPP completion certificate, and Financial Literacy through EverFi 
  • Completion stipend: $500
  • Credits toward graduation: 0.5 in Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Total spots available: 18
  • Special considerations for this program: Must be 16 years old
  • For additional information, please contact Jeff Klancke:

Pipefitter Careers by the Numbers

Average Salary (as of 4/11/22): $60,207 source

Required Education: Apprentice, or on the job training in some cases

Job Outlook (2020-2030): 5% (slightly slower than average) source 

Current Job Postings: indeed

What it's like to be a pipefitter: