GAF Roofing Academy

Roofing is the construction industry's best-kept secret. Until now. 

The commercial and residential roofing industry is booming, with demand for 19,000 new jobs expected by 2028. Why? Buildings are big business, and protecting, maintaining and repairing properties - from homes to stadiums - is critical to the long-term investment in any building project. It's why hard-working, dedicated roofers can expect a starting wage of $39,970 per year (or $19.22/hour).

Two supervisors talking with two roofers in the background.  One on a ladder and one on the roof.

Now is the perfect time to begin a career in roofing with the new GAF Roofing Academy. Designed to help you build the necessary skills for an entry-level position, the GAF Roofing Academy combines classroom and on-the-roof training with access to job opportunities from GAF’s national network of thousands of independent, certified contractors seeking talent.

Figures sourced from The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Summer 2023 Program Details

  • Application window open: Register for Trainings
  • Program dates: 
    • Cohort 1
      • May 22 - 26 from 3:30-7:00 p.m.
      • May 29 - June 2 from 3:30-7:00 p.m.
    • Cohort 2
      • June 5 - 9 from 3:30-7:00 p.m.
      • June 12 - 16 from 3:30-7:00 p.m.
  • Meeting location: 10027 S. Tacoma Way, Ste D-3, Tacoma 98499
  • Notify selected applicants: ASAP by email
  • Approximate hours to complete: 40
  • Certifications: GAF Roofing Academy Graduate
  • Completion stipend: $500 (upon successful completion of all program components)
  • Credits toward graduation: .5 Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Total spots available: 20 per cohort
  • Special considerations for this program: Open only to seniors (can be 17 years old). Snacks/beverages provided, guaranteed interviews, tools provided once placed in employment!
  • For additional information, please contact Chris Sieg:

Roof Installer Careers by the Numbers

Average Salary (as of 3/23/23): $51,253 source

Required Education: On the job training and certification courses such as this

Job Outlook (2021-2031): 1% growth source

Current Job Postings: On indeed

What it's like to be a roofer:

Roofing positions as your career progresses

Installation is just the beginning.

If you think installation is your only career option in roofing, think again. There are a lot of different ways to make a living in the industry. Best of all, your path is wide open to grow into positions at all levels.

Entry Level Careers Manager Roles Executive Roles
Laborer: Assist roofing teams under the direction of a foreman or contractor.
Responsibilities: remove old roofing material, unload and stage equipment and materials
Foreman: Oversee roofing crews and projects.
Responsibilities: managing crew members, crew safety, communicating with clients
Owner: Oversee a roofing company.
Responsibilities: managing workers, speaking to clients, marketing, high-level project management
Delivery driver: Transport roofing materials.
Responsibilities: loading, transporting and unloading materials
Supervisor: Manage a larger roofing team.
Responsibilities: scheduling, assigning, and demonstrating roofing work, inspecting work-in-progress and finished projects
Salesperson: Selling roofing materials and products.
Responsibilities: communicate with homeowners or facility managers, roofing businesses, and construction companies
Warehouse Worker: Help maintain a warehouse facility.
Responsibilities: cleaning in and outside the facility, operating a forklift or other machinery, painting
Project Manager: Manage each stage of roofing installation and repairs to finish projects on-time and within budget.
Responsibilities: project planning and cost analysis
Estimator: Provide/lead estimating for larger-scale, commercial projects.
Responsibilities: taking measurements, inspecting existing roof material, investigating local codes
Installer: Install roofs on residential homes and/or commercial buildings.
Responsibilities: product installation, maintenance and repair work
Service Tech: A highly skilled roofing mechanic.
Responsibilities: inspections and identifying leak sources
Estimator: Provide/lead estimating for larger-scale, commercial projects.
Responsibilities: taking measurements, inspecting existing roof material, investigating local codes