Environmental Services Program

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The Tacoma Public School’s Environmental Services Program is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with City of Tacoma's Environmental Scientists and begin to develop the skills needed to pursue in a career in environmental sciences.

CESCL students hang off a road to manage erosion

Do you have a passion for protecting the environment?  The Certified Erosion & Soil Control Lead (CESCL) certification trains you how to control erosion and sediment to protect natural habitats.  Construction, fires, and other natural disasters all lead to the possibility of damage to our local ecosystems.  The CESCL certification is not frequently used by itself, but it does open the door to a lot of very interesting and rewarding careers.  For ideas of how this certification can be used, check out some of the career links below.

Summer 2022 Program Details

  • Application window open: Ongoing
  • Program dates: July 5th through July 28th, Mondays through Thursdays, 8:30-3:00
  • Meeting location: Mt. Tahoma
  • Notify selected applicants: Early June
  • Approximate hours to complete: 90
  • Certifications: CESCL (Certified Erosion & Soil Control Lead), OSHA10, CPR/First Aid/AED, and Flagger 
  • Completion stipend: $500
  • Credits toward graduation: 0.5 in Skilled and Technical Sciences
  • Total spots available: 20
  • Special considerations for this program: 16 years old
  • For additional information, please contact Chris Sieg: csieg@tacoma.k12.wa.us

CESCL Careers by the Numbers

Average Salary (as of 4/12/22): $65,000 source (this link is to pay scales that utilize the CESCL/CPESC certification)

Required Education: Depends on the related career that utilizes the certification

Current Job Postings: indeed (This certification typically supports a different career.  This link lists all the job posting that list CESCL certification as a preferred qualification or required qualification)

What it's like to apply your CESCL certification: