Worksite Learning

Work-Based Learning (WBL) and Worksite Learning (WSL) are instructional strategies that provide students with career exploration opportunities and hands-on learning where knowledge gained in CTE courses can be applied to real-life work experiences. It bridges the gap between education and the working world by preparing students for future careers. WBL and WSL are beneficial for all students but can be especially useful for students from low-income backgrounds and students who may not have access to career exposure, educational opportunities, professional networks, and social capital that often play a critical role in career success.

Students have the opportunity to earn high school credit for hours worked!

Through Worksite Learning, Students can earn .5 credit for every 180 hours worked. It is the student’s responsibility to verify their work hours each month through submitting paystubs or screenshots of hours worked.

Students will receive an email weekly with a reminder to upload work hours for the month.

Students who are already employed can utilize the Worksite Learning Signup Form to register. A CTE team member will reach out to you promptly regarding your submission. A Worksite Learning Agreement form will also be required; the fillable form can be turned in to the Worksite Learning Agreement Upload link below. Please visit your school's Career Guidance Specialist or your counselor for more information regarding work opportunities.

Start Earning Credits for Working!

Students will need to log in using their district-provided credentials before completing these forms. Form submissions will be reviewed promptly. Please contact the Technology Help Desk if you need support with your login credentials.

Worksite Learning signup formWorksite Learning Agreement UploadWork hours upload form