Interested in Becoming an Intern?

Next Move Program Overview

Juniors and seniors in Tacoma Public Schools are invited to join the Next Move Internship Program. Students begin by participating in Intro to Internship, a preparatory course where they explore career pathways, write resumes and cover letters, and practice their interviewing, networking, and professional communication skills. After completing Intro to Internship, students are invited to participate in a 90-hour, unpaid internship experience in the community, where they can continue to build their skills and explore their interests. Students typically intern 4-8 hours per week at their site, and are supported throughout the entire experience by their Intern host and Next Move Coach.

Why Join Next Move?

The Next Move Program gives students first-hand experience in a career field that they hope to pursue in the future. Internship experiences also allow students to build their resume, connect with career mentors, and ensure that they are ready to make informed decisions about their post-high education.  During their Internship experiences, students set personalized goals connected to their post-high plans and the specific skills they choose to work on. Students also engage in regular reflection and self-assessment while also learning how to ask others for feedback to assist with their professional growth. The internship experience culminates in developing a professional portfolio where students showcase the skills they learned and the accomplishments they made during their internship.

Program Timeline:

  • Fall Semester Junior Year: Students participate in Intro to Internship where they explore internship opportunities, build their professionalism skills, and prepare for their post-high goals.
  • Spring Semester Junior Year: Interns participate in a 90-hour internship experience in the community.
  • Fall Semester Senior Year: Advanced internship opportunities available on a limited basis.

Jessa's Internship Story