Current Interns

Program Overview for Interns

Attendance: Interns are expected to complete 90-hours over the course of the semester. Attendance is by far the most important expectation of an intern. Similar to a job, it is essential that interns attend every day they are scheduled. Interns log their hours in the Internship Workbook as well as digitally using TRANSEO.

Professionalism in the Workplace: Interns are expected to be their most professional selves while at their internship site. Not only are they representing the Next Move Program and their school, they are also representing the business/organization they are working with. Interns should dress professionally, maintain appropriate boundaries with individuals at their internship site, and should keep cell phone use to a minimum.

Learning Goals: Interns will set five internship goals (three personal/professional goals and two site-specific goals). The three personal/professional goals will be set with the support of their Next Move Coach, before they begin their internship. They will work with their site supervisor to set their two site-specific goals during their initial meeting or during the first week of their internship.

Personal Reflection: “We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience” – John Dewey. Throughout the internship experience interns will engage in formal and informal reflection on their goals, accomplishments, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Intern Evaluations: Twice during the semester interns complete a self-assessment using the Next Move Internship Evaluation. The Site Supervisor is also asked to complete two evaluations on their intern. The first evaluation will be completed halfway through the internship, and the second will be completed one week before the end of the internship experience. This process is an opportunity to reflect on strengths, identify areas for improvement, and adjust internship goals if necessary.

Performance Reviews and Internship Portfolio: As part of the internship experience students will develop a portfolio that showcases their personal growth and professional accomplishments. Throughout their internship, they will collect evidence of their developing skills and achievements to include in their portfolio. Twice during their internship, they will participate in a performance review where they will share their portfolio and present about their personal growth. Learning to speak confidently about their skills, experiences, and accomplishments is a valuable skill, and a portfolio is a tool that can help them with this process. Portfolios can be physical or digital. 

Thank You Letter: At the end of the internship experience interns are expected to write a formal thank you letter to their internship site supervisor. The goal of the thank you letter is to express gratitude for the time and effort the supervisor invested throughout the semester..

Intern Resources (coming soon)

Intern Timesheet
Intern Evaluation
Intern Program Expectations/Worksite Learning Agreement
Intern Goal Sheet
Guide to Informational Interviews
Intern Project Management Tool