GESA High School Credit Union Program

Gesa credit union affinity debit cards
Tacoma Public Schools' partnership with Gesa Credit Union is aimed at empowering our students with essential financial education and hands-on experience in the real world of finance. This partnership aligns with our commitment to student development, nurturing academic excellence and practical life skills.

Gesa Affinity Debit Card Program

The Gesa Affinity Debit Card Program offers a straightforward way for students, parents, alums, and community members to support Tacoma Public Schools. When Gesa account holders use an Affinity Debit Card linked to our district for their everyday purchases, a portion of what they spend is automatically donated to our schools. In the last year alone, Gesa Credit Union contributed over $340,000 to school districts across the state, bringing their cumulative giveback total to more than $1,000,000 since 2015!

Mount Tahoma High School Credit Union Branch

Through our partnership with Gesa, students at Mount Tahoma High School operate their very own credit union branch. This high school credit union is a first of its kind in TPS and is run under the guidance of experienced teachers and Gesa’s Education Team. The High School Credit Union Program is designed to integrate with the existing curriculum and provide a practical application of classroom learning.

This student-run branch is open during lunch periods, offering a realistic banking atmosphere right on campus. Students and staff will have the convenience of accessing their accounts and performing basic transactions in a setting that mirrors a true credit union environment. This provides our students with valuable financial industry experience and enhances their understanding of money management—a critical skill for their future.

Gesa offers scholarships in the following four categories:
  • High School Credit Union Program participants
  • Entering college freshmen
  • Current college students
  • Former college students needing assistance with student loan repayment

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GESA University

Gesa University is a financial literacy program for students that provides helpful information on the following topics: 

  • Personal finance
  • Credit cards
  • Buying a car
  • Buying a home
  • Paying for college
  • Retirement

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