Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Tacoma Public Schools is committed to ensuring each student is ready for life after high school. Our student priorities focus on each student developing a viable High School and Beyond Plan, earning one or more, Industry Recognized Credentials, earning one or more CTE Dual College Credits, and participating in one or more student leadership organizations.

TPS's Career and Technical Education is guided by four fundamental beliefs in Tacoma:

Learning is Life – relevant activities breathe life into learning and reinvent the school experience as in-the-moment learning for students.

21st Century Careers are Changing – communication and leadership skills are needed for all careers, present and future.

Partnerships Matter – networking students with business and community partners is essential for career guidance and preparation.

Prepared for the Future - each student needs to think about their strengths and interests and receive encouragement and support necessary to pursue opportunities in post-secondary education and/or the workplace.