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Four Year College or University

Do you dream of life in the dorms and studying in the quad? Attending a four-year university can be a life changing experience, and one you need to plan for long before you graduate high school.   These resources will help you determine the right school  for you  and illuminate the path you need to take to get there. 

Four-year College

Community or Technical College

Community and technical colleges can be a smart choice for students wanting to reduce the cost of a four-year degree, acquire skills that help them find higher paying jobs or obtain higher education close to home. Learn more about community and technical schools and whether they’re a good option for you. 

Community College

Armed Forces - Military, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard

Serving in the military is another way to learn life skills and receive a technical education. In addition, military service can also help you pay for a college education through scholarships and programs such as ROTC. Discover the opportunities the armed services has to offer. 

Armed Forces

Vocational / Trade School

Do you already know you want to be a medical assistant, pharmacy tech or massage therapist? If you’ve selected a specific career -- ranging from cosmetology to criminal justice to design or health fields -- then a vocational school may be the right choice. 

Vocational School, Trades


Apprenticeships provide a mix of technical education and on-the-job training. There are apprenticeships available in numerous fields, from law enforcement to construction to culinary arts. The best part: Not only do you learn about trades and/or technology, but you earn money while doing so. Explore how an apprenticeship could work for you.