Physical Education

We, Tacoma Public Schools, believe students benefit from access to a K-12 system of Physical Education that promotes and prepares students to lead healthy and physically active lives. 

Every student in the district can engage in Physical Education learning aligned to TPS Culturally Responsive Practices and Priority Standards. 

Students learn Physical Education with age-appropriate instructional units in an activity-based setting. Students move through a continuum of learning without compromising activity time. District, national, and state standards drive comprehensive Physical Education instruction, and a research-based PE curriculum supports crucial child development.

Students have access at their school to Physical Education K – 12.

Students learn Physical Education from endorsed Physical Education teachers whenever possible. In cases where it is not possible, schools must submit a Programmatic Waiver Request to the Office of K-12 Support for approval.

Students can engage in aligned efforts with the community’s many resources that provide exposure to Physical Education beyond the core school programming expectations outlined above.   Students are able to explore traditional and non-traditional Physical Education with opportunities through extended Beyond the Bell, extra-curricular programming, or athletics in secondary schools.

Elementary (K-5)

Middle School (6-8)

High School (9-12)