Tacoma Online

In Summer of 2020, as a response to the COVID pandemic, Tacoma Public Schools opened the K-12 Tacoma Online School. Tacoma built upon an existing contract with Edgenuity (now Imagine Learning), a leading provider of online curriculum and an OSPI accredited online course provider. Tacoma Online uses the Imagine Edgenuity Courseware curriculum in grades 6-12. In grades K-5, Tacoma Online uses the TPS adopted curriculum in each subject area.

Imagine Learning provides Tacoma Online with the methodology and results of stakeholder surveys, course evaluations, and other measures they use to ensure that their curriculum is high quality, presented at the appropriate reading levels, free from bias, and regularly undergoes needed updates.

Tacoma Online regularly asks administrators, teachers, parents, and students to evaluate the Imagine Learning curriculum on these measures and provides feedback to Imagine Learning. Tacoma Online teachers actively adapt the Imagine Edgenuity online curriculum to ensure these measures and alignment with the Tacoma Schools instructional frameworks for each subject.

Grade Level



Elementary (K-5)

TPS adopted curriculum by content

Varies by content

Secondary (6-12)

Imagine Learning (previously Edgenuity)