The Washington State Learning Standards (WSLS) for K-12 Science (also known as the Next Generation Science Standards - NGSS) were adopted by the state in 2013. In 2017-2018, a team of educators prioritized the WSLS and then evaluated the quality and alignment of the current adopted materials with the WSLS. For elementary and high school, the recommendation was to provide supplementary resources until a full adoption was feasible. Online resources from Mystery Science were purchased in 2019 for K-5 classrooms. For Grades 6-8, updated versions of the current adopted curriculum, Carolina Biology Supply, were purchased during the 2018-2019 school year. 

Grade Level Adopted Curriculum Year Adopted
Elementary (K-5) Full Option Science System (FOSS)
Delta Education
Middle School (6-8)

Science and Technology Concepts

Carolina Biology Supply

High School (9-12)

Full Option Science System (FOSS)

Delta Education