Curriculum Adoption

The process of screening and selecting core instructional materials for all students.

In Tacoma, curriculum adoption is the process of screening and selecting core instructional materials that result in formal approval by the Board of Directors. Instructional materials fall into two categories: core and supplemental. The adoption process focuses on the screening and selection of core instructional materials that are used by all students, district-wide, to meet the learning standards of each grade and content. Supplemental instructional materials are resources that support and enrich the core curriculum but does not replace the core curriculum. 

In compliance with the laws and regulations of the State of Washington, the superintendent appoints members to an Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) to make recommendations to the Board regarding the adoption of core instructional materials for all contents and grade levels, and hear complaints regarding existing core instructional materials used by the district (Policy 2020). With oversight by the IMC, the Director of the Curriculum and Instruction department nominates a team of content experts to serve on a District Curriculum Development Committee (DCDC). The DCDC primarily consists of no more than (20) district and building level staff members with experience in the content area under adoption review, as well as experience teaching students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and English Language Learners.


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Phase 2

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Phase 4

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K-12 Academic Alignment

Our team of highly skilled instructional facilitators provide instructional support and academic alignment for the following content areas:

  •  Mathematics
  •  Physical Education
  •  Music
  •  World Language
  •  English Language Arts
  •  Social Studies
  •  Science
  •  Health

Educator Professional Growth

In order for educators and administrators to affect student improvement, there must be a strong support system to allow access to high quality professional growth for every staff member. Below are examples of the strong support system that the curriculum and instruction department oversee:

  •  Instructional Coaching
  •  Studio/Learning Labs 
  •  Blended Learning
  •  New Teacher Induction
  •  National Board Certification
  •  Instructional Framework