Booster Clubs

The Tacoma Public Schools board of directors and Superintendent encourage the formation of parent-teacher-student associations or similar parent support organizations, such as booster clubs at each school building. Booster clubs are essential for providing an opportunity through which parents, teachers, and students may unite their efforts and interests to enhance the school program. Furthermore, the funds raised by booster clubs directly benefit our students, enabling them to have more enriching and rewarding experiences.

Booster clubs may be formed to support and strengthen specific activities conducted within the school or district. The formation and operation of booster clubs in Tacoma Public schools is governed by Tacoma Public Schools Board Policy, Washington State Law and ASB laws. To ensure transparency, accountability, and compliance with district policies, all booster clubs must receive the approval of the school principal and superintendent in order to be recognized. Staff participation, cooperation, and support are encouraged in recognized booster clubs.

Approval Requirements

Prior to conducting any activities on school property, booster clubs must submit the following items to the school principal for approval:

For any Booster Club

  • Current organizational by-laws
  • Agreement with school for all scheduled booster events
  • Current list of officers (no district staff)
  • Certificate of Insurance

For Boosters Clubs that are fundraising

  • Business License (if they conduct retail sales. i.e. concessions)
  • Registration with the Washington Secretary of State.
  • IRS tax identification number
  • Washington UBI number
  • Inventory of equipment
  • Recent copies of IRS 990 Charitable Non-Profit Filling

The formation of the booster club must follow all state and local laws and regulations. Interested individuals must express their intent to create a booster club and present it to the building principal for approval. Below are links to the documents required, as well as guidelines and relevant district policy.

Booster Club Information and Approval Form

Policy Details