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The Assessment team partners with teachers, students, and families to provide comprehensive support for the administration of various assessments during the school year.

Check this page often for updates, as dates are subject to change!

Please note: Students use their district-issued laptops for state, district, and other assessments. To help ensure "tech success" and allow the laptops to receive system updates: 

  • Student computers should be turned on and plugged in overnight prior to sending to school
  • Don't use the power button to turn off (close the screen or "sleep")

Students in grades 3-8 and 10 are assessed in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math to meet federal and state accountability guidelines. High school ELA and Math assessments can be used to meet a graduation pathway requirement. 

Who: 12th graders - Fall
          11th graders - Spring
How: Digital test administration at student's school during the regular school day

Who: 11th graders
When: Fall
How: digital test administration at student's school, during the regular school day

Updated 9/1/24