Updates for 2022-2023 School Year

Fall 2022
Who: 12th graders
When: 10/12
How: Paper/pencil test administration at student's school, during the regular school day 

Spring 2023
Who: 11th graders (12th graders optional)
When: 3/1
How: Paper/pencil test administration at student's school, during the regular school day 

  • To remove financial barriers, TPS pays for SAT exam fees and pre-registers all enrolled 12th grade students for the exam in the fall and all 11th grade students (plus selected 12th grade students) for the exam in the spring.
  • Students should bring their student ID, two No. 2 pencils with erasers and an approved calculator.
  • Please direct questions/concerns to the student's school.

What is the SAT?

The SAT is a standardized college admission exam that measures a student's literacy, mathematics, and writing skills. It is a multiple choice, pencil/paper (in-person) exam that provides colleges with a common data point to use in evaluating applicants. When combined with other measures such as grade point average, courses taken, and admissions interviews, SAT scores may be considered indicators of academic success in college.

There are two main SAT sections - Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing.

Online score reports show the skills students should work on and connect students to the following resources:

  • Free LIVE Tutoring is available through, students access tutoring through Schoology.
  • Khan Academy- Free personalized SAT study based on your test results
  • AP Potential™- Feedback and recommendations on future classes
  • Career Finder- where students can create their own career roadmap
  • BigFuture- explore colleges, majors, and careers
  • Student Search Service- Connect and receive information about educational and financial aid opportunities from eligible colleges, universities, and other scholarships and educational programs.

Who takes the SAT?

TPS offers the SAT to all enrolled 12th graders on a school day in the fall and to enrolled 11th graders on a school day in the spring. TPS pays the SAT exam fees for enrolled TPS students and preregisters them for the offered session. Students in other grades, or those who prefer to take the test on a Saturday, may do so at their own cost.

How is the SAT administered?

It is a paper/pencil exam administered at a school location, during the regular school day.