Assessment & Research

Supporting Academic Excellence and the Whole Child

In Tacoma Public Schools, we believe that assessment is integral to teaching and learning. Our Comprehensive Student Assessment System allows us to participate in and gather evidence from large-scale national and state assessments in order to measure the effectiveness of our core instruction and curriculum. It also includes small-scale formative classroom assessments that enable teachers to gauge student progress and inform their own teaching. 

Our goal is to support student learning by building a coherent, student-centered assessment system that provides accurate and informative data and analysis to Tacoma families and educators, and to effectively administer any complementary training and analysis to our educators and student learning.

What kinds of assessments will my child take?

Below are assessment that your child may take based on their grade level. Students won't take all the assessments listed here, as they might only be given to certain grade levels, student groups, or only during some years. Click each assessment for details.