Tacoma Tideflats Certification Program

About the Program

The purpose of the Tacoma Tideflats Certification Program is to build a “pipeline” for Tacoma students to fill entry-level employment positions with the network of businesses and industries associated with commerce generated through the Port of Tacoma. 

The program delivery model is for 24 high school students to attain industry recognized certifications through preparatory training in three career pathways with opportunities for livable-wage, in-demand employment: 1) Transportation, Automated Warehousing and Logistics, 2) Merchant Marine, and 3) Environmental Protection.

Entry-level Certifications

Merchant Marine

Moving trade goods across international waters on commercial vessels is the function of the Merchant Marines. Merchant Mariners serve on teams to safely navigate and operate sophisticated propulsion systems. United States Merchant Mariner Credentials are accredited and registered through the United States Coast Guard for Merchant Marines serving on commercial vessels with home ports documented in the United States.

Transportation, Automated Warehousing and Logistics

The moving, shipping and receiving of goods is the catalyst of the maritime industry and strategically positions Tacoma as a regional distribution center for trading partners of Pacific Rim countries. Trade goods are imported and exported through Tacoma’s shipping terminals via rail and trucking connecting customers to businesses across North America with the rest of the world.

Environmental Protection

Planning for industrial activities and impacts adjacent to sensitive natural areas is integrated into job responsibilities of industries charged with meeting the increasing demands of a growing human population. People locate in the northwest to access viable employment opportunities and to live in a beautiful natural environment. Responsive development is the essence for managing resources for high quality living conditions.​​​


Certifications & Credentials

  • Warehouse Forklift Operator
  • Flagger
  • OSHA 10
  • Merchant Marine Credential
  • Basic Safety Training
  • Transportation Worker ID Card (TWIC)
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER)
  • 1 Occupational Education Credit towards Graduation



Student Application​​​​​
Program Brochure​​​​​


Henry Foss High School
and Training Sites


Orientation Day and US Coast Guard Applications
July 9th - 11th

Port of Seattle Tour
July 12th

Port of Tacoma and Private Enterprise Tour
July 23rd

Transportation, Automated Warehousing and Logistics
July 24th - 26th

Merchant Marine + Basic Safety Training
July 30th - Aug. 4th

Environmental Protection
Aug. 6th - 9th

OSHA & Forklift Certification
July 16th - 19th

Portfolio Completion
Aug. 14th - 16th

Completion Celebration
Aug. 16th


John Page, Director

Teresa Price, Program Support, Career and
Technical Education