Career & Technical Education


Career and Technical Education (CTE) introduces students to real world, real life skills so you can succeed in a highly competitive, global economy. 

CTE emphasizes 21st century skills, technical knowledge and competence, in partnership with core academic learning. CTE is a sequence of courses with a specific career focus, designed to develop your academic and technical skills related to that career. CTE prepares you for postsecondary success, career success, and for life success - Career and Life Ready.


 Summer Learning Opportunities


Leadership development is a crucial part of providing opportunities to build an educated, prepared, adaptable and competitive workforce. CTE leadership development programs seek to build strong leaders. Each program/club has its own specific focus, but its principles are also applicable in other areas, such as family, community, business, and industry.​​​

Advisory Committees

Advisory committees support and advocate for Career and Technical Education programs.  Members provide current industry information which helps to modify, expand and improve the quality of the Career and Technical Education programs.