Industry Recognized Certifications

office.pngMicrosoft Office Specialist (MOS) is a collection of certificates that employers look for when seeking office staff, data specialists, designers, and many more technically skilled trades.  Click HERE to learn more.
OSHA-10-logo-1-e1515709020820.jpgOSHA-10 offeres safety training for entry level jobs throughout a wide range of industries.  Click HERE for more information.

forklift.jpgThe forklift is widely used across various industries – especially industries that engage in manufacture and/or movement of goods or merchandize within the firm – construction sites, dockyards, warehouses, factories, and manufacturing firms.  Click HERE to learn more.

merchant marine.jpgThe Merchant Marines is a fleet of commercial ships used to import and export goods, raw materials and commodities during peacetime. During wartime, the Merchant Marine transports troops, military equipment and other materials used to support the war effort. Click HERE for more information.