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Tacoma Public Schools adopted readiness for life after high school; attainment of industry recognized certifications as a priority benchmark for measuring student performance in meeting the District’s strategic plan goal of Academic Excellence. This overarching goal places an expectation on the Career and Technical Education Department to prioritize and direct resources for students to access certifications relevant to their individual career interests that are current with employment demands across a variety of industry sectors. Benchmark reporting on the percentage of graduating seniors having earned one or more “stackable” credentials informs stakeholders on the successes of Tacoma students, while holding the CTE Department accountable for the preparedness of students exiting to enter the workplace and/or post-secondary education. Certificates of priority are those common to industry that are required for entry-level employment leading to livable-wage careers. Certifications vary from an assessment of specific skills to comprehensive evaluation of an expanded skill-set, and are counted in data reporting when “recognized” as being developed and valued by public agencies or private enterprise. 

The CTE Department is meeting this challenge by infusing resources into existing CTE classes, developing new courses specific to current industry demands, and expanding Innovative Certification Programs for afterschool and summer learning that partners with adjunct instructors that are subject matter experts in their career fields.

It is the mission of Tacoma CTE to ensure that each graduating senior has attained one or more “stackable” certifications through coursework in Tacoma Public Schools; with a vision that each student will have a competitive advantage for securing entry-level employment leading to a livable-wage career. 

 John Page, Director

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