​Looking to do business with Tacoma Public Schools?

Tacoma Public Schools uses the MRSC Rosters system for its Small Works, Consultant and Vendor rosters. If you are interested in doing business with TPS, please register your company with MSRC Rosters and select TPS. For more information visit the TPS Purchasing Department's website.

To get on a list of interested vendors for future How to Do Business with Tacoma Public Schools workshops, email purchasing@tacoma.k12.wa.us. 

Searching for MWBE vendors or contractors?

You can download the TPS Small Works Roster from the Purchasing Department website. Contractor certifications are listed in the right-hand column.

Also, the Washington State Office of Minority & Women Owned Business Enterprises maintains a directory of MWBE Certified firms on their website. Contractors and designers are encouraged to use this list when selecting sub-consultants and vendors.

About our Inclusion Plan requirement

Prime contractors bidding on packages greater than $300,000 are required to provide and implement an outreach plan, referred to as an Inclusion Plan, for including small business enterprises (SBEs) as well as minority- and women-owned outreach enterprises (DBEs). This is part of the district's commitment to supporting local businesses and inclusivity while obtaining the best value for the public.

The outreach plan should describe the specific activities the Contractor will undertake in its efforts to meet the aspirational goals for utilization of state-certified MWBE contractors. Details about plan and reporting requirements are outlined in the bid documents.

The plan should achieve, at a minimum:

  • Advertising opportunities for potential subcontractors and suppliers in a manner that is reasonably designed to provide timely notice of such opportunities to SBEs and DBEs that are capable of performing the work, and encouraging participation by these firms. Advertising may be done through general advertisements or by soliciting bids/proposals directly from such firms.
  • Providing SBEs and DBEs that express interest with adequate and timely information about plans, specifications, and requirements of the contract.
  • Conducting at least one outreach meeting to for the purpose of familiarizing SBEs and DBEs with the contractor’s subcontract bidding requirements, procedures, and nature of subcontract bid packages, and any other information or training opportunities that would provide these firms with the knowledge and skills necessary to support the preparation of responsive bids as first-tier subcontractors or suppliers or as sub-tier subcontractors or suppliers to first-tier subcontractors and suppliers. Each meeting shall be advertised in a manner so as to provide reasonable notice to the subject matter, date, and time of the meeting, including, but not limited to, notices placed on the OMWBE website and in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce.

The contractor is encouraged to also address the following in the outreach plan, where feasible:

  • Break down total requirements into smaller tasks or quantities to permit maximum participation by SBEs and DBEs.
  • Establish delivery schedules that encourage participation by SBEs and DBEs.
  • Reduce bonding requirements where allowable.
  • Reach out to minority community organizations, contractor groups, assistance offices and other organizations to help recruit SBEs and DBEs.
  • Use the district’s small works roster to identify and include services of local, SBEs and DBEs.
  • How the contractor have met any of the above prior to being awarded the contract.