About the Community Inclusion Commitment

Prime contractors will:

  • Provide and implement inclusion plans addressing how the contract plans to reach out to local and disadvantaged businesses in all construction and maintenance bids over $300,000.
  • Provide monthly reports that include percentages of small, minority- and women-owned businesses used on a project, certified payrolls with quarterly compliance review, invoices paid to subcontractors with quarterly compliance review, and apprenticeship utilization percentages.  
  • Report prevailing wage intents and affidavits.
  • Promote and enforce apprenticeship utilization on all projects, consistent with Washington law.

Tacoma Public Schools and community partners will:

  • Actively engage and recruit minority-owned, women-owned, and Veteran Affairs-certified contractors and suppliers for the district’s small works roster and other contractor lists. 
  • Recruit and identify potential local hire/preferred entry applicants. 
  • Provide technical assistance for hiring and retaining state certified apprentices.
  • Provide regular progress reports.
  • Convene on a quarterly basis to review data and identify next steps. 

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