Planning and Construction

Building for Achievement

Voters passed a $500 million Tacoma Public Schools construction bond in 2013 that supports the construction or modernization of 13 schools and invests in health and safety improvements throughout the district.

These projects are designed to create environments where students are continuously challenged, relentlessly supported and engaged in a way that is safe and healthy. Our vision is to create flexible, innovative spaces that teachers can adapt to the needs of the student.

2020 capital bond proposal

While we finish building the remaining schools from the 2013 bond, we're planning to address the next set of schools that need work. Take a look at the draft 2020 capital bond proposal, presented to the School Board July 11, 2019. 


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Nearly 200 small capital projects throughout the district are part of the 2013 construction bond passed by voters in 2013. 

Learn about some of them here.


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