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Nearly 200 small capital projects throughout the district are part of the 2013 construction bond passed by voters in 2013. Projects scheduled for spring and summer 2017 included:

Delong: Remodel of the main office, nurse's room and staff room.

Fawcett: Paint existing fencing.

Foss: Replace non-functioning moveable wall in the cafeteria.

Franklin: Replace play equipment safety mats.

Larchmont: Phase II roof replacement.

Meeker: Install all-weather running track with rubberized surface combined with all-weather field turf.

Environmental Review

We are pleased to report that renovations are being done to the track and field at Meeker Middle School. We have entered into the environmental review process and the responsible official has issued a Determination of Non-Significance for this project, noting that this proposal will not have significant adverse impact on the environment. 

The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process is a state requirement intended to ensure state and local agencies consider the likely environmental consequences of a proposed project before the project begins. The City of Tacoma also requires submittal of SEPA materials as part of the building and site development permit review. 

The below documents are available for public and agency review for the Meeker Middle School Track and Field Renovation project:

Determination of Non-Significance
SEPA Checklist

If you wish to submit comments on the project, please email or send written comments to Robert Sawatzky, Director of Planning and Construction, 3223 S. Union Ave., Tacoma, WA 98409. Comments must be submitted by June 9, 2017.

Skyline: Analyze electrical system to determine need for new technology.

SOTA: Repair deteriorating bricks and masonry on the exterior of the 1950 Pacific Ave. building.

Stadium: Relocate SPED suite.

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