Small Capital Projects

Nearly 200 small capital projects throughout the district are part of the 2013 construction bond voters passed in 2013. Some of the completed projects are:

Edison Elementary: Play equipment safety mat replacement

Foss High School: All weather track installation; all-weather football field turf installation; new girls' softball field

Larchmont Elementary: Roof replacement.

Lowell Elementary: Partial window replacement

Manitou Park Elementary: Roof replacement

Meeker Middle School: Science lab and library remodel; all-weather field turf installation; the all-weather running track with rubberized surface 

Sheridan Elementary: Play equipment safety mat replacement and HVAC update

Environmental review

We are pleased to report that progress is being made on the design of the new girls softball field at Foss High School. 


We have entered into the environmental review portion of the process and have  issued a Determination of Non-Significance for this project, which means that this proposal will not have significant adverse impact on the environment. 


The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) process is a state requirement intended to ensure state and local agencies consider the likely environmental consequences of a proposed project before the project begins. The City of Tacoma also requires submittal of SEPA materials as part of the building and site development permit review. 

These documents are available for public and agency review:


Determination of Non-Significance

SEPA checklist


If you wish to appeal this determination, please submit a written statement requesting an appeal, specifying (a) the determination being appealed; (b) the errors complained of; (c) the corrective action being sought (d) the reasons why the determination should be changed; and (e) whether further oral or written comment or a hearing is requested to or send written comments to Morris Aldridge, Executive Director of Planning and Construction, 3223 S. Union Ave., Tacoma, WA 98409 by 4:00p.m., June 27, 2018