Jason Lee Middle School

602 N. Sprague Ave., Tacoma, WA 98403

Built on the former campus of the College of Puget Sound, Jason Lee Middle School has been a part of the Tacoma School district since 1924. Its longevity, coupled with the fact it had not received a major remodel in more than 25 years made the school one of the projects approved for improvement by the taxpayers in conjunction with the 1997 tax levy.

Jason Lee Middle School was modernized while leaving the historic facade of the exterior intact. Prior to the start of restoration, the entire facility, except the gymnasium and the decorative plaster work in the auditorium, was stripped to its original structure. Classrooms, offices and everything else were built from the ground up to provide a facility that would help increase student learning with new technology and amenities.

A new addition links the former gymnasium with the original school, providing space for an expanded commons, library, technology classrooms, music suites and an enlarged glass-blowing shop.

The Jason Lee Middle School project was completed in August 2001.


  • Civic Design Merit Award for 2001 from AIA Seattle honor Awards for Washington Architecture AIA Southwest Washington
  • Excellence in Masonry Desgin Honor Award for 2001 from Masonry Institute of Washington
  • Award for Outstanding Achievement in Historic Preservation from City of Tacoma and the Tacoma Landmarks Preservation Commission

 Project Stats

​Levy issue: ​1997
Square footage:​ ​127,795
Area:​ ​9.6 acres
​Capacity: ​720
​Cost: ​$27,141,310
​Scope: Modernization of school interior
​Project supervisor: Ernie Eugenio, Tacoma Public Schools
Completion date:​ ​August 2001
​Architect: ​Mettitt & Pardini Architecture
​Contractor: Absher Construction Company