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Take your last look at the old Browns Point on Dec. 8

Wander and reminisce in the old Browns Point halls one last time, from 10 a.m to noon on Saturday, Dec. 8. You can:

  • Roam around the main building (the primary building will be closed)
  • Take a look at Browns Point Elementary photos going back decades
  • Leave your mark by signing a wall
  • Grab a donut

Bid day for Belugas: Browns Point celebrates first day in new building

Browns Point Belugas kicked off their first day of school in their new building Dec. 4 with a line up of high-fives from construction crew members who built it and a performance from the Meeker Middle School band.

Check out news coverage of the event:
Congratulations, Belugas!

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They grow so fast: Time lapse video

Take a look at this time-lapse video showing the new Browns Point Elementary starting from the concrete floor slabs and a couple of gym walls. In reality, it takes a bit longer, of course. The school will open in late fall or early winter.

You can also click here to see what's happening right now on the live construction web-cam. (Use internet Explorer with Adobe Flash enabled to view the live feed.)


 Updated November 13, 2018

About the project

Project overview

Browns Point Elementary School includes kindergarten through fifth grade. The existing facility, on 18.72 acres, consists of two buildings, the original 1951 Browns Point Elementary (23,965 square feet) and the original 1960 ​​Meeker Middle School (50,813 square feet). The new Browns Point Elementary School building will be built adjacent to the existing old Meeker Middle School building.

During construction, students will continue to attend classes in the original Browns Point Elementary School building and old Meeker Middle School building.

Once the new school is complete and students have moved in, the old Meeker Middle School building will be demolished and additional parking added.

The district will retain the original Browns Point Elementary School building (including classrooms, a gym, cafeteria and stage). 

Tacoma’s new school buildings incorporate the district’s vision for kid-centered, flexible spaces.

Estimated budget: $37.7 million
Construction started: October 2017
Percent complete: 98%
Opened: Dec. 4, 2018
Architect: TCF Architecture
Contractor: Skanska USA

Site plan, logistics
Site plan


Construction phasing logistics 

Fun stuff

Check out students’ reactions to seeing a video of their new school for the first time. 

Take a look at the full animated building video here.

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