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Crescent Heights Elementary

Uniform Policy

Crescent Heights Elementary School
Uniform Policy

Tops – Solid White or Navy, or Dark Green

Emblems and logos about the size of a quarter will be allowed

A.    Shirts/Blouses:
  1. Polo style-long or short sleeve
  2. Collared shirts – long or short sleeve
  3. Mock turtleneck or turtleneck
  4. Must be tucked in (Shirts must be long enough to tuck in)
B.     Sweaters & Vests: (in solid white, navy or dark green)
  1. Long or short sleeve
  2. Crew, V-neck, collared, or cardigan style
C.    Sweatshirts: (in solid white, navy or dark green)
  1. Crew or collared style, NO hoods
  2. Crescent Heights Elementary School sweatshirts are acceptable

Bottoms – Solid Navy or Tan

A.    Pants, Slacks, Capri Pants and Corduroys:
  1. Hemmed, not dragging
  2. No more than one size larger at waist
  3. Must be worn at the waist
  4. No adornments – including seams with stripes
  5. Cargo pants may NOT have oversized pockets
Please Note:  Overalls are not part of our uniform policy.
B.     Skirt & Skorts:
  1. No shorter than fingertip length
  2. May not have slits if above the knee
  3. Worn at the waist
C.    Shorts:
  1. No more than one size larger at the waist
  2. Must be hemmed
  3. No shorter than fingertip length
  4. Worn at the waist
D.    Jumper:
  1. A uniform policy top must be worn underneath
  2. Must be hemmed
  3. No shorter than fingertip length
E.     Belts are encouraged, but not required
  1. Solid color
  2. Belts must fit
  3. No decorative or oversized belts







Shoes & Socks

A.    Shoes
  1. Athletic or tennis shoes
  2. Leather type shoes
  3. All sandals must have a heel strap for safety reasons
  4. Laces must be tied
B.     Socks
  1. Socks must be worn for health reasons
  2. Girls may wear tights under their skirts in solid white, navy or tan
  3. Socks, tights, and leggings are to be in solid white, navy or tan
Uniform Optional Days will usually be on the last Friday of the month however, there may be exceptions. On optional days the following will apply:
1.      Clothing must be in good condition
2.      Clothing must be appropriate for school
3.      Shorts and skirts may be no shorter than fingertip length
4.      Special ASB spirit days will serve as optional dress days several times throughout the year rather than a Spirit Week in June

Clothing and accessories UNACCEPTABLE at any time

1.      Oversized, sagging, or baggy clothing
2.      Hats, caps, berets, or bandanas
3.      Chains hooked to wallets, keys, belts, etc.
4.      Lycra/spandex
5.      Tight or revealing clothing that may expose torso or undergarments
6.      Flip-flops or soccer sandals
7.      Make-up
8.      Decorative or oversize belt buckles
9.      Logos depicting violence, rock groups, tobacco, alcohol, monsters, etc
10.  Camouflage outfits
11.   No un- natural hair color.
12.  Coats are not to be worn in class
13.  Sweat Pants or Sport Pants

Non-Compliance of Uniform Policy

1st time            Verbal Warning
2nd time           Note goes home from classroom, to be returned to the teacher
3rd time           Note goes home from the office, to be returned to the Principal
4th time            Student is sent to office to change clothes and will lose the next Uniform Optional Day