ParaPro Assessment



Tacoma Public Schools offers the ParaPro Assessment.


About the ParaPro Assessment


What is it?

The ParaPro Assessment measures the skills and knowledge in reading, writing and math possessed by prospective and practicing paraprofessionals.  It also measures their ability to apply those skills and knowledge when assisting in classroom instruction.  It was designed to satisfy the requires of the federally legislated No Child Left Behind Act.

Who Takes it?

The test is for prospective and practicing paraprofessionals.

How Long is it?

Test takers have 2 1/2 hours to complete the test.

What subjects are on the test?

Test subjects include reading, writing and math.

What are the questions like?

The test has 90 multiple-choice questions, approximately two-thirds of which focus on basic skills and knowledge.  The remaining one-third focuses on applying skills in the classroom.  All test questions are in English.

How is the test given?

The test is delivered on computer.

How do you prepare for the test?

For help, go to  prep/materials/  for free test preparation materials such as the Study Companion and the ParaPro Assessment Tutorial, There are also "priced" test preparation materials available.

How do you set up a testing appointment?

Email Teresa Greiwe at

Test retake policy?

If you feel you did not perform to your potential, you may retake the ParaPro Assessment once every 21 days, not including your initial test date.  If you violate this restriction, the scores from your retest will not be reported and your test fees will not be refunded.

This includes all locations.  As an example, if you take the test at Clover Park School District on May 22, 2018 and then take a retest on May 30, 2018 at Tacoma School District and you pass the test, the test score will still be invalid because 21 days have not elapsed.  June 13 would be the earlier day for a retest.

What are the fees?

Test  Fee - $80 or $55

The fee is $55  for Tacoma Public Schools candidates/employees and the fee is $80 if you are applying to another school district. The fee is non-refundable.  Payment can be made with exact cash or money order. We also offer payroll deduction for district employees.

Are there any special instructions?

You must show ID before taking the test. and know your social security number.

Individuals must score 461 or higher to pass the assessment in Washington State


Email Teresa Greiwe at