External Candidate Application Guide

​​​​​​Proceed with these steps only if you are NOT a current Tacoma Public Schools emp​loyee.

Recommended browsers are Internet Explorer (IE) 9-11, Firefox or Google Chrome.

Access the external job site by clicking on the “All Open Positions” bar or the green position b​uttons below each position group.


Log in

You may search jobs without logging in. If you decide to apply for a job, you will be prompted to login or Register.



If this is your first time on the system, you will need to Register.  To Register, please click "Login" on the top right side of the screen then click "Register."


The Registration page appears.  If you are registering because you clicked "Apply for this Job" on the job requisition then the position you are applying for will appear in the upper right corner.

Please enter your Email Address (Username), First, Last Name and Password. 

If you do not have an email address, you may click the link to create one.

Once you have entered all the information, Click "Begin".


Once you have clicked "Begin", you will be sent to the "My Profile" Screen.  If you are logging in from a job requisition you are applying for, this will be the first step in the application process.  Otherwise you may simply update your profile and search for jobs.

Updating your profile:

You must include the following information in the profile to be considered complete.

  • ​Name
  • Address, Email, Phone #
  • Employment History
  • Education

All other information is optional but will be taken into consideration by HR and the Hiring Managers.  Resumes should be included as an Attachment under "Documents."



If you are applying for a position, your next step will be the "Consent Statement." Please review.  Once you have selected "Agree" and "Continue" to the Consent Statement you will be moved to the "Questions" tab.



Please answer all questions to the best of your ability.  Click "Continue" at the bottom of the list of Questions.  If you did not answer some of the questions, you will not be allowed to continue until you answer all questions. (Questions not answered will have a red exclamation mark). Once you have selected "Continue" to the "Questions" section you will be moved to the "Acknowledgement" tab.



Please read the acknowledgement, click "Agree" and then select "Continue."  Once you have selected "Agree and "Continue" to the "Acknowledgement" section you will be moved to the "Information" tab.



Please answer all questions. You may withhold responses if you choose.  Scroll (Red arrows) down to see the additional questions.


Click “Continue” when complete.  Once you have selected “Continue” to the “Information” section you will be moved to the “Submit” tab.


How Did You Hear About Us?

Indicate how you heard about the job and who you were referred by if applicable. 

Click "Submit".


The application submitted confirmation message will appear letting you know that the job application has been received.​ ​

You may check the status of your application by choosing “My Applications” at the top of the screen.