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Drivi​ng Question

What is a day in the life of Kindergarten like? 

What will we need to know to answer our driving question?

What do you need to know to build a new Boze Elementary? 

What does our school need/have? 

What would you like to have in a new school? 

What does a classroom need? 

What do upcoming preschoolers need to know about Kindergarten? 

How can we incorporate nature (animal habitats) into the new Boze Elementary?  ​


​Upcoming events​

  • ​Spring Exhibition, May 3rd

​Experts or materials we need​

  • Theater/script writing experts
  • Film and film editing experts
  • ​Environmental Scientists
  • Environmental Sustainability experts
  • Carpenter or cabinet maker who wants to adopt Kindergarten for a year
  • General Contractor
  • Hardware Store connections--Lowe's or Home Depot


​Happening in classrooms this month

​Contact us​