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Grade 5

Drivi​ng Question

How can you sustain life for a generation on a space craft?

What will we need to know to answer our driving question?

How would you design the space craft? 
What necessities are needed for the space craft? 
Is it ethically right for a generation to live and die on the space craft? 
What roles are needed to have a functioning community? 


​Upcoming events​

  • Spring Exhibition, May 3

​Experts or materials we need​

  • ​An astronaut
  • Connections with the International Space Station
  • A botanist
  • An astronomer
  • Pierce County Harvest Farm connection


​​Fifth Graders Discuss Their Experiences

A 5th grader​ discusses their experience at Alder Dam.

Listen to 5th graders and UW-Tacoma students discuss what plants they would grow on their spaceship!​

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