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School Supply Lists

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School Supply Lists for the 2017-2018 School Year
You may download any of the grade level supply lists here.

Supply Lists
Kindergarten Supplies     

Headphones or earbuds
Parents are asked to donate $20.00. The Kindergarten teachers will purchase all supplies for students.



1 backpack (No wheeled backpacks please)       

1 set of good headphones (These 2 items are supplied by parents or guardians only)

 24   #2 pencils- Ticonderoga works best!  (no Dollar Store pencils please)

1     box of crayons (24 count ONLY)

2     large pink erasers

1     container of Disinfectant wipes

2     white board markers (black or blue)

1     box assorted colored markers (broad line or wide tip)

1     large hand sanitizer

1     box of gallon Ziploc bags

1     box of sandwich Ziploc bags

1     box of snack Ziploc bags

1     ream of white copy/printer paper-8 ½ X 11

4     large glue sticks

2     large boxes of tissues (for all the runny noses)


For $20 the supplies will be bought for you, except for the backpack and headphones!!!




This year, we are requesting supplies, not money!

2 Composition Notebooks

2 Wide Ruled, Non-Spiral Notebooks

Large Pink Erasers

12 Glue Sticks

Small Scissors, sturdy ones

2 Package Wide Ruled Paper

Headphones, large ones, no one will share!

Plastic Supply Box

24-count Crayon Boxes

3 Boxes of Kleenex2 Canisters of Clorox Wipes

1 Package of Whiteboard Markers

1 Box Gallon-sized Ziploc Bags

1 Box Quart-sized Ziploc Bags​

Downloadable Third Grade Supply List

Headphones (earbuds okay, but they must fit)
Two 3-subject notebooks
2 composition notebooks
1 roll of double-sided tape
2 big pink erasers
Color Pencils
Expo Dry Erase Markers
Any color ballpoint pens
Wide-Ruled Lined Paper
3 plastic folders with metal prongs


Optional supplies to be donated for whole classroom use:

2 gallon plastic bags

2 Lysol wipe containers

2 boxes of Kleenex

3x5 Index Cards

Snacks:  Animal crackers, pretzels, rice crispy treats, crackers, chips, etc. 

1 Ream Copy Paper


Downloadable Fourth Grade Supply List


Please remember all supplies are shared in the classroom. Please do not label supplies.


2-  Pkgs wide ruled paper.

5-  spiral notebooks (plain covers)

3-  composition notebooks

1-  package printer/copy paper

5- 2 pocket folders (plain color)

1- 12 pack (or more) Ticonderoga brand #2 pencils

1- 12/24 pack of colored pencils

1- 8 pack watercolor paints

1- box of Kleenex

1- Container of Lysol wipes

1-adult size scissors

2- glue sticks

1- 4 pack expo(whiteboard) markers

2- scotch tape rolls/dispensers

2- “pink pearl” brand eraser

1 – pair of headphones

 All supplies are shared as a class. Please do not label student supplies with your student’s name.

Please do not send pencil pouches, boxes or binders.

No mechanical pencils

No rolling backpacks



Please send these recommended supplies when school begins in September.

​Keep in mind that most of them are consumable, so replenish as needed. ABSOLUTELY NO PENCIL SHARPENERS, Please!

​Headphones or earbuds

1-pkg. pencil top erasers

2-red FLAIR, FINE point correcting pens (NO SHARPIES, please)

2 glue sticks

48-#2 TICONDEROGA pencils (NO MECHANICAL pencils, please)

5 highlighters—assorted colors

2 plastic/vinyl pocket folders (4 for Ms. Rogers’s class)

1 pkg. 4x6 index cards

1 USB flash drive 4GB to save student assignments

1 box colored pencils or 1 box color markers (set of 10-12)

3 family-sized rectangular boxes facial tissues

3 family sized containers of Clorox or Lysol Sanitizing Wipes

1 backpack (NO WHEELS, please)

2 fine point-low odor blue or black whiteboard markers (NO NEON colors)

1 pair pointed scissors

4 spiral notebooks (1 for Ms. Rogers’s class)​