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School Supply Lists

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School Supply Lists for the 2018-2019 School Year
You may download any of the grade level supply lists here.



(A $20 supply fee may be paid in lieu of the items on this list)


 2 boxes 16-count Crayola Crayons

 2 Dozen Ticonderoga pencils

 1 pair child’s safety scissors

 2 reams white copy paper

 2 large boxes Kleenex

 1 large hand sanitizer

 1 box each of sandwich & gallon zip-loc bags

 1 box 10-count Crayola colored pencils

 2 bottles 4oz Elmer’s school glue

 1 box Crayola water colors

 1 4-pack black Expo whiteboard markers

 Headphones (Barker only)

 Two-pocket folder (Barker only)


  Primary Composition Notebook (110 sheets/200 pages/ ½” Ruling) NORCOM (Stewart only)​


   For $20 the supplies will be bought for you, except for the backpack and headphones!!!


   You may do one of the following:

·         Pay 20 dollars and we will buy the supplies for your child, but you will still need to provide your child’s backpack and 1 set of good headphones that will last for the next several years.  Headphones will go with your child from grade to grade.     


·         (OR) You can purchase all of your child’s supplies using the following list:


 1 backpack (No wheeled backpacks please)  


 1 set of good headphones (These 2 items are supplied by parents or guardians only)

  24   #2 pencils- Ticonderoga works best!  (no Dollar Store pencils please)

 1 box of crayons (24 count ONLY)

 2 large pink erasers

 1 container of Disinfectant wipes

 2 white board markers (black or blue)

 1 box assorted colored markers (broad line or wide tip)

 1 large hand sanitizer

 1 box of gallon Ziploc bags

 1 box of sandwich Ziploc bags

 1 box of snack Ziploc bags

 1 ream of white copy/printer paper-8 ½ X 11

 4  large glue sticks

 2  large boxes of tissues (for all the runny noses)



    Headphones (full ear coverage)

4 Spiral Notebooks

12 Glue Sticks

2 150 Count of Lined Paper (wide rule)

1 Box of Crayons (24)

2 Composition Notebooks


3 Boxes of Tissues

2 Packs of Clorox Wipes

Snacks enough for 25, Monthly

Gallon Sized Plastic Bags

Sandwich Ziploc Plastic Bags

2 Folders

8-12 Dry Erase Markers (all colors)

   Downloadable Third Grade Supply List
​  For each student: 

3 composition notebooks 

1 pack Ticonderoga brand pencils 

1 roll of double-sided tape 

2 big pink erasers 

1 pack markers 

1 pack color Pencils 

1 highlighter 

1 pack of post-its 

Expo Dry Erase Markers 

Wide-Ruled Lined Paper 

2 plastic folders with metal prongs 

1 container bleach wipes 

1 box of facial tissue 

Headphones (over-the-head preferred, earbuds tend not to fit the kids' ears)

Optional supplies to be donated for whole classroom use:

zipper 1-gallon plastic bag

3 x 5 index cards

white printer paper

Snacks (animal cracker, pretzels, rice crispy treats, crackers, etc.)​



Please remember all supplies are shared in the classroom. Please do not label supplies.

 2-  Pkgs wide ruled paper.

 5-  spiral notebooks (plain covers)

 3-  composition notebooks

 1-  package printer/copy paper

 5- 2 pocket folders (plain color)

 1- 12 pack (or more) Ticonderoga brand #2 pencils

 1- 12/24 pack of colo​red pencils

 1- 8 pack watercolor paints

 1- box of Kleenex

 1- Container of Lysol wipes

 1-adult size scissors

 2- glue sticks

 1- 4 pack expo(whiteboard) markers

 2- scotch tape rolls/dispensers

 2- “pink pearl” brand eraser

 1 – pair of headphones

  All supplies are shared as a class. Please do not label student supplies with your student’s name.

  Please do not send pencil pouches, boxes or binders.

 No mechanical pencils

 No rolling backpacks

  Downloadable 4/5 Grade Supply List (Miss Sukola's Class)


 2-  packages of wide ruled paper

 2 – spiral notebooks

 4 - composition notebooks

 1-  package printer/copy paper

 2- 2 pocket folders

 1- 12 pack (or more) Ticonderoga brand #2 pencils

 2- glue sticks

 1- 4 pack expo(whiteboard) markers

 1 – roll of double-sided scotch tape

 2- “pink pearl” brand erasers

 1- 8 pack watercolor paints

 1 – pad of post-it notes

 1 – package of 3x5 index cards

 1 – Black sharpie markers

 1 – pair of adult sized scissors


 Colored Pencils

 1- box of Kleenex

 1- Container of Lysol wipes

 1 – pair of headphones




Please send these recommended supplies when school begins in September.

​Keep in mind that most of them are consumable, so replenish as needed. ABSOLUTELY NO PENCIL SHARPENERS, Please!

1 ½ inch binder

2 packs of college ruled notebook paper

5 Composition notebooks

4 packs Ticonderoga No. 2 pencils

1 closed pencil sharpener

1 small pencil box

1 pack wide markers, standard colors

1 box of colored pencils

4 dry erase Expo markers and 1 eraser

1 pack of highlighters (pink, yellow, blue, green)

4 red pens

3 boxes of Kleenex

2 packs of Clorox/bleach wipes

2 containers of hand sanitizer for classroom​