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Birney Elementary School


 Schools function best when they belong to communities of interested, involved individuals and families.
 You can bring a lot to Birney in the form of your energy, time, and ideas. Here are some ways to use your skills and resources to help our school!
 All volunteers must complete a volunteer form, and government-issued photo Identification, and return to the school secretary.
 For more information on volunteering in the public schools contact the Community Partnership Office at 253-571-1087.
 All forms are provided below.
 1.  P.T.S.A:  Being a member of the P.T.S.A. can help you connect with other parents and community members. Fundraisers, Holiday Night, the school carnival, and the annual yard sale are just a few functions that you can be involved in. Meetings are once a month in the library.
For more information contact  Jerrie Boozer, the Birney P.T.S.A. president. Her contact number is: 253-468-0113.

2.  FIELD TRIPS AND CLASSROOM: Teachers often need help supervising students on field trips.
 In the classroom you can share your time and talents with small group activities, reading to students, creating a bulletin board, or grading papers.
3.  ATTEND SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS:  Your input is valued. Attending a school board meeting can give you a chance to voice your opinion and learn how the school district makes decisions that affect your public schools. Check the district online calendar for times and dates of school board meetings.
 4.  VOLUNTEER AT THE LENDING LIBRARY OR SCHOOL LIBRARY: Offer to help shelve books, assist students, or support the school library by helping at the book fair.
If interested in volunteering, call the school librarian Mr. Barlow at 253-571-4600.  For the Lending Library contact Mary Bullock at 253-571-4570.
 5.  FIELD DAY:  Once a year Birney PE Specialist Mr. Moore hosts a field day. Volunteers are needed in the morning from 9:15-11:00AM for morning activity stations.
For more information or if there is an interest in helping, contact Mr. Moore at 253-571-4584.
6.  KIWANIS CLUB OF GREATER TACOMA: Kiwanis Club sponsors Birney's "Terrific Kids" program. For more information on how to join, contact our school at 253-571-4600.
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