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Birney Elementary School

School Supply List

2018-2019 Supply List.docx2018-2019 Supply List.docx

DHH (ASL/ENG) Preschool

Box of 24 count Crayons-1

Box of gloves (If child is not toilet trained)-1

Glue Sticks-12

8oz pump bottle hand sanitizer-1

Large box of Kleenex-2

Box of quart size Ziploc bags-1

Small rest blanket-1

Change of clothes to keep in the backpack

Box of large colored markers-1

Extra hearing aid or C.I. Batteries

Bottles of white glue-2

Box of Wipes-1

Box of water colors-1

Box of “snacks each month


4  - boxes of 24 crayons

1 - pink eraser

12 - glue sticks

2 – 8oz bottles of hand sanitizer

4 – large boxes of Kleenex

24 - #2 Ticonderoga pencils

2 – pocket folders

First Grade  

2- 6 pack ELMER’S brand glue sticks

2- boxes of crayons

2- big pink erasers

1- hand held pencil sharpener

1- small scissor

1- pencil box

1- 8 or 12 pack markers


Optional Supplies:


hand sanitizer

sanitizing cleaning wipes

sandwich or quart size zip bags



2nd Grade 

What we need                                                                                  How many of each

1 1/2in Binder                                                                                              2

Composition Notebook                                                                              2

Spiral Notebooks                                                                                        4

Dry Erase Markers                                                                                    2 Packs

Ticonderoga Pencils                                                                                  1 pack

Crayola Crayons     box of 64                                                                  1

Crayola Color Pencils                                                                                1

Crayola Makers                                                                                          1

Glue Sticks                                                                                                   4 sticks

Elmer’s Glue                                                                                               1

Pair of Scissors                                                                                           1

Highlighters                                                                                                1 pack

Copy Paper                                                                                                  2

Set of Ear Buds to use with computer                                                    1​

Third Grade 

2 boxes of tissue

1 hand sanitizer

1 ream copy paper

1 box Ticonderoga pencils

1 pencil case with 3 hole punch

1 box colored markers

1 box colored pencils

 Fourth Grade 

Band-aids-1 Box

1” Binder-1

24 count colored pencils-1

Composition Notebook (9 ¾ x 7 ½)-1

Copy Paper, Ream of white-1

24 count crayons-1

Eraser, Pink Pearl-2

Eraser, pencil tip, pkg-1

Fiskar scissors-1

Glue Sticks-5

Glue, Elmer’s 8oz-1

Hand Sanitizer 8 oz pump-1


Magazine Subscription-Scholastic News-$6.00

Markers, fine tip 8ct-1

Notebook Paper, wide rule-2

Pencils, #2, Ticonderoga Brand-48 count

Pocket Folder-3

Ruler, inches & centimeters-1

School Box (8 ½ x 5”

Scotch Tape refill-1

Spiral Notebook, wide rule-1

Expo Markers, Fat tip-1 pack

Ziploc sandwich bags-1 box

Ziploc gallon size-1 box


5th grade 

Shared Supplies (Please do not label with name)

8 plain spiral notebooks (one subject, wide-ruled)

6 plain 2-pocket folders

1-2 packs lined paper

No. 2 pencils (Ticonderoga highly preferred)

6 Whiteboard markers

Hand sanitizer

Scotch tape


Individual Supplies (Label with name)

1 Pencil Box

1 pack of colored pencils

1 two-inch 3-ring binder

1 set of earbuds to be kept at school


Classroom Wish List

Lysol wipes, tissue, markers, glue sticks, pens, package of white printer paper, markers