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Baker Middle School

Amy Latimer, Principal | Monte Carter & Nikki R. Shockley, Assistant Principals​​

Baker Middle School

Family resources for home learning support (click on the topic)

Schedule for Learning Assignments during School Closure (assignments will be posted by 11am on scheduled day)






PE, Arts, CTE, TLC, DD,

For. Lang, AVID and Elevations, Social Studies


Math + LRC math

Science, SEL lessons

*** Our reading and math intervention classes will be supporting the work in the core classes.

Frequently Asked Student Questions about School Closure Learning Assignments

Will my work be graded?

  • All work previously assigned and due by March 13 may be graded. This means your teacher might ask you to redo a learning activity/assessment or you can finish missing work that was not originally turned in. This work might then be graded.
  • New work assigned after March 13 will not be graded. However, there may be learning activities where your teacher will provide you feedback to help you learn and grow.
  • We anticipate you might ask, “Why should I do the work if it won’t be graded?” We know you will benefit greatly from this continued practice and learning opportunities. We care about you and want you to continue engaging with the important skills and concepts you’ve learned. Keeping your school routines going is essential during this time and is critical as you look forward to your continued learning.


Do I have to do the learning activities my teachers communicate and assign to me? When is it due?

  • We would like all students to do their best on the work teachers assign, and to do their best to complete it.  The work teachers assign will support what students have already learned and will set students up to be more successful in the future. 
  • Your teacher will provide due dates, but our new weekly schedule means your teacher will only send you a week’s worth of learning activities once a week. Feel free to turn it in if you are able, but if you are not, it will not be counted against you.


How will my teachers communicate with us?

  • Your teachers will communicate with you or your family based on the schedule from your Principal.


What else should we know?

  • It’s harder for students to do work from home without the support of their teacher. Keep in mind that these learning activities are to reinforce what students have been working on throughout the year; they also give your teachers the chance to monitor your learning and work by giving feedback.
  • As we learn through this process, we might adjust things to better support you. We’ll be sure to communicate those changes.


Will special education students be receiving special education services?

  • Case managers will communicate with families of students in their caseload, via email or over the phone, about what special education support will include during this time. ​ 
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How we're doing

To measure progress toward meeting the School Board’s strategic goals, we use a set of benchmarks that let parents and community members track our progress. It’s like a report card for our school and the whole district.