Every-Minute-Counts-Logo_color.pngYou may notice an increased emphasis at Tacoma Schools on student attendance. It's a pretty simple idea, when students have good attendance, they do better in school. Good attendance is missing not more than 1 day of school a month, whether excused or unexcused. And the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) defines chronic absence as missing 18 school days a year – or two days a month.

It's no surprise that, at all levels of school, research shows attendance can impact student success.

Family, school and community partnerships play an essential role in supporting students. We're increasing our efforts to support families and celebrate good attendance. If a student's attendance is starting to get off track we'll send letters, make phone calls and meet with parents. And when students have good attendance we'll recognize their efforts, because Every Minute in School Counts!

If you have questions, contact your school's attendance specialist.

​2 out of 3 students with good attendance
Read well
by the end of 3rd grade

​6th graders with good attendance have a 38%
Higher GPA

​Good attendance can lead to high school