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Regulation No. 6972.4R
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School Closure
When the superintendent or designee closes schools because of severe weather conditions or
other emergencies, the superintendent or designee shall request that local radio and television
stations broadcast announcements of school closures. If an emergency occurs in an individual
school, the superintendent or designee shall direct the Community Relations office to notify local
radio and television stations after the school closure has been authorized.
Each principal or designee shall advise parents, students and staff how to obtain information on
school closures or delayed schedules by listening to announcements on local radio and television
stations rather than by calling the school or radio and television stations.
Each principal or designee shall advise parents to instruct their children beforehand what to do in
the event of an emergency. With the cooperation of relatives, friends and close neighbors,
parents should provide a place their children could go in an emergency. School offices shall have
current emergency information on students.
If K-12 schools are closed because of inclement weather, natural disasters or other emergencies,
the following groups of employees are required to work:
A. Building principals/administrators and program administrators on 225-day
B. Exempt employees;
C. Twelve (12) month professional-technical employees; and
D. Twelve (12) month office professionals.
However, the above employees, instead of working, may elect one of the following options if
approved by the appropriate department head or designee consistent with their respective
collective bargaining agreement:
A. Use earned vacation or applicable leave;
B. Use accrued compensatory time;
C. Be counted absent without pay; or
D. Reschedule hours (only if hours can be made up at the regular rate of pay during
the same work week).
The following employees shall report to work unless otherwise directed by the supervisor or
Regulation No. 6972.4R
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A. Maintenance
B. Custodial
C. Food Services
D. Security
E. Warehouse
Bus drivers shall not report for work.
Staff shall work regular hours when schools are open and operating on an emergency schedule.
If the superintendent or designee closes an individual school due to emergency conditions, the
staff will report for work as directed.
Approved 1/14/03