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Regulation No. 6972.3R
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Telephone and Radio Warnings
The superintendent or designee and Central Administration Building (CAB) administrators,
using district radios and/or telephones, will transmit warnings to all schools during district-wide
simulated practice disaster drills and actual district-wide emergencies. If accessible, warnings
shall be transmitted from the CAB emergency operations center located on the first floor of
Using the “All Call” district-wide radio channel, the superintendent or designee shall make an
announcement of the nature of the call, either a drill or actual emergency, and the type of drill or
Building sites principals or designees shall initiate their emergency response plan according to
the type of drill or emergency warning.
District-wide radios shall not be used for communication until the superintendent or designee or
CAB administrator initiates a roll call at each building site. The principal or designee shall be
responsible for all radio contact. When contacted, the building site principal or designee shall
report if the emergency plan was activated and if the site’s drill is completed. In an actual
emergency, building site principals or designees will report their status regarding damage and/or
injury. In an emergency, the superintendent or designee shall periodically contact building sites
for updates.
During district-wide disaster drills or actual emergencies, the district’s manager, Safety and
Emergency Preparedness, or designee shall be located at the district-wide radio system station at
the Tacoma Fire Department Emergency Operations Center (TFDEOC). If the manager is not
available, the superintendent or designee shall assign a person to be located at the TFDEOC.
Approved 1/14/03