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Regulation 6972.1R
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Staff, Student and Visitor Injury
Each principal/building administrator or designee is responsible for using the following
procedure for the care of injuries:
A. Employee injury:
Employees are to immediately (or as soon as possible) report occupational injuries
according to Tacoma Public Schools Workers Compensation Instructions and Procedures
which are available in the Risk Management Reference Manual at each school.
Regardless of whether an employee seeks medical attention, the Employee
Accident/Injury Report form is to be completed and sent to the Risk Management office
within 24 hours of the injury.
B. Student injury:
Student injuries, regardless of whether the student is treated by a doctor, are to be
reported on the Student Accident/Injury Report form and sent to the Risk Management
office within 24 hours of the injury.
C. Visitor injury:
Visitor injuries occurring on school property are to be reported to the risk management
office, regardless of whether the visitor requires medical attention, using the Employee
Accident/Injury Report form. Indicate at the top of the form that the person injured is a
Copies of injury reports are to be filed in the building site office.
Medical Aid Procedure
When an injury occurs and appears to be minor in nature, the school nurse or a first-aid-qualified
staff person may treat the injured person.
Student parents, guardians or authorized alternative contact persons are to be advised of the
injury and the treatment provided.
For serious injury to students:
A. Attempt to determine the seriousness of the injury. If the injury does not appear to
be life-threatening, begin first-aid treatment, attempt to contact the parent,
guardian or alternative contact from the student’s emergency contacts in the
student database. 
Regulation 6972.1R
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B. If the parent, guardian or alternative contact is reached, describe the situation and
confirm the person reached will come to the school to make a determination of
proper medical treatment.
C. If the parent, guardian or alternative contact cannot be reached immediately for
instructions, call 911. Administer first aid until emergency medical help arrives.
D. Continue attempting to contact the parent, guardian or alternative contact person.
If necessary, contact the Security Patrol office to leave a message on the parent,
guardian or alternative contact person’s door.
For serious injury to employees or visitors:
A. For employees, call 911 and attempt to contact the employee’s home or next of
B. For visitors, call 911. If unable to obtain the name of a person to notify, advise the
emergency medical response agency, fire department or police.
C. For all serious injuries, notify the Risk Management office immediately.
D. Employees shall have emergency contact cards on file at their work location.
Approved 1/14/03