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Policy 6955
Management Support

The maintenance of adequate records is vitally important to the future facilities program within
the district and to the resolution of any disputes that may arise regarding a construction project.
The superintendent shall keep all reports, documents and plans as they relate to an existing or
proposed project. The records shall include copies of all correspondence relating to the project.

The superintendent shall require from the architect, engineer, contractor or other parties at least
the following, as they become available:
A. Inspection and progress reports;
B. Results from tests of material quality and composition, etc.;
C. Drawings of buildings and sites;
D. Conveyance records, title search, bond issuance records and any licenses and legal
documents issued or executed pursuant to the project;
E. Guarantees and warranties; and
F. Other papers relevant to the project, such as the record of school board resolutions.

Legal References:

RCW 39.04.020 Plans and specifications--Estimates--Publications--Emergencies
RCW 39.04.040 Work to be executed according to plans--Supplemental plans
RCW 39.04.070 Account and record of cost
RCW 39.04.080 Certified copy to be filed--Engineers' certificate
RCW 39.04.100 Records open to public inspection--Certified copies

Adoption Date: 7/27/2000

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