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Regulation 6881R
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Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials
The procedures for the sale of obsolete and/or surplus equipment, supplies, furniture and other
district property are as follows:
1. The principal or department supervisor shall complete an Equipment Transfers, Additions
and Deletions form and send to Purchasing.
2. Surplus Equipment
a. Equipment having no further use at a particular school or department will be
identified on an Equipment Transfers, Additions and Deletions form, approved
and signed by the school principal or appropriate administrator. Pick-up of surplus
equipment will be coordinated by Purchasing. Buildings will call Purchasing to
request such pick-ups.
b. Purchasing will sort equipment into that which can be used at other sites and
equipment which no longer has any value to the district. Items determined by the
Purchasing manager as unsalable will be disposed of at the local landfill or metal
recycling yard.
c. Purchasing will conduct public auctions or request sealed bids for sale of unusable
items. In lieu of public auction, the district may dispose of surplus through the
state of Washington surplus yard.
d. Surplus portable buildings determined by school facilities as unusable and nonmovable will be destroyed on site.
3. If, after following the above procedures, surplus materials remain, the administrator in
charge of purchasing is authorized to dispose of or discard those materials in the best
interest of the district.
4. Surplus library materials (books, film, kits, etc.).
a. At any time of the year, librarians may send surplus library materials to Library
Services for discard processing. Library Services shall review these materials to
determine whether they should be surplused. The surplus materials will then be
displayed on a continual basis at Library Services.
b. At any time of the year, district staff may review/select any of those surplus
library materials which they find useful in their teaching or work assignment.
c. During the month of May students, parents, non-public schools and citizens will
Regulation 6881R
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be able to purchase surplus books.
d. After the yearly surplus library materials sale, Purchasing will remove unsold
items for disposal.
e. Intact collections, including card catalogs from libraries of schools which are to
be closed, may, upon recommendation of the superintendent, be disposed of in
accordance with the laws and regulations of the state of Washington.
5. Surplus texts and related materials (books, films, kits, etc.) for district schools and
a. School use by district personnel:
Texts and other books having no further use at a particular school will be
identified on a completed surplus materials form, approved, and signed by the
school principal. Pick-up of these surplus texts and other books will be provided
by Purchasing. Buildings will contact Purchasing to request pick-ups.
A composite listing of all materials will be developed by the Textbook Depository
and made available to all staff requesting such. District staff may use any of these
materials in their teaching assignments.
b. Purchase by district students:
Students and parents may purchase the surplus books at the schools for a cost
determined by the principal or designee. All books sold will be stamped with a
“surplus” stamp.
Funds from the sale of surplus books at a school will be deposited in a district
account for textbook replacement and the money earmarked for the school from
which the books were sold.
c. Consolidation of surplus books:
Warehouse personnel will pick up unclaimed books for sale. The books will not
be offered for sale as individual items after they have been packaged for bulk sale.
d. The superintendent/designee at his/her discretion may commence the procedures
for disposing surplus texts and other books at any time if it would be in the best
interest of the district.
e. Reading materials of value greater than $1,000 must be sold at public auction
Regulation 6881R
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to highest bidder following publication of notice of the sale in a newspaper of
general circulation in the school district. If no reasonable bids are submitted and
the reading materials are estimated to have a value of $1,000 or less, Purchasing
may directly negotiate the sale of the reading materials to a public or private
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Approved 2/22/02