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Regulation 6608R


Placement of Cameras

  1. Cameras shall be authorized for use in buses by the supervisor of transportation. The bus driver shall be notified of the placement in his/her bus.
  2. Drivers may request that a camera be placed in their buses. The supervisor of transportation shall discuss the reason for the request with the driver, and shall decide if and when a camera shall be placed in the bus by special request.
  3. Building principals may request the supervisor of transportation to authorize placement of a video camera in a bus when they have reason to believe that a problem exists.
  4. All buses where cameras may be used shall have signs notifying riders that video cameras may be in use.

Use of the Recorded Tapes

  1. When the bus returns to the garage, the transportation department foreman/mechanic or supervisor shall remove the tape and retain it in a secure location for up to five working days, unless it is needed to support a disciplinary action.
  2. The bus driver shall be reminded that the camera was on his/her bus. If the driver wishes to view the tape, a time shall be set for this purpose.
  3. The transportation supervisor may view the tape with or without the driver.
  4. If a serious or flagrant violation of student bus rules is observed or if there is a continued violation despite intervention, standard disciplinary action may be taken. Lesser violations shall be brought to the attention of the student and proper conduct shall be explained.
  5. Any time a tape is to be used to support a disciplinary action, the tape shall be dated, labeled and kept on file at the transportation department office for as long as deemed necessary.
  6. Tapes not used to support disciplinary action shall be reused.
  7. When a tape is used to support disciplinary action, the student or the student’s parent/guardian/custodian may request to view the video. A viewing shall be arranged at the student’s school or the transportation department office.
  8. A building principal or designee may request viewing of tapes through the transportation supervisor.
  9. The supervisor of transportation may use videos to assist drivers with student behavior management skills.


Approved: 3/12/02

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