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Policy No. 6605
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Bus drivers shall observe all state statutes and administrative rules governing traffic safety and school bus operations. Every bus driver shall be provided a copy of and shall be thoroughly familiar with all state and local rules and regulations pertaining to the operation of the school bus in his or her charge.

Each bus driver must have a Type 1 school bus driver’s authorization issued by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, a passenger endorsement and either a Class B or C commercial driver's license. The bus driver shall also hold a valid and current first aid card. An air-brake endorsement is required for a driver who is assigned to a bus with air brakes. A bus driver is required to pass a Department of Transportation and a Superintendent of Public Instruction physical examination every two years.

The director of Transportation may require school bus drivers to undergo mandatory bus driver retraining by the district’s driver trainer when he/she deems that such retraining is needed to assure the safety of district students.

Legal References:
RCW 28A.160.210 School Bus Drivers, Training and Qualifications--Rules and Regulations for
          46.25 Uniform Commercial Drivers Act
WAC 180-20 School Transportation
WAC 392-145-015 General Operating Regulations
WAC 392-145-020 Rules for School Bus Drivers

Adoption Date: 7/27/00

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