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Regulation 6600.4R 
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All kindergarten students must wear badges indicating their name and stop location for the first
few weeks of school or until the bus driver is familiar with the student’s name and stop.

The noon take-home and pick-up stops are established based on the closest corner to the child’s
home/daycare. Morning pick-ups and afternoon drop-offs are established, published bus stops.
Drivers are not allowed to pick up or drop off students other than at designated bus stops.
Locations of stops are available on the district Web site at:

Noon Stops
Noon take-home for student’s kindergarten stops will be established at the closest corner from
the student’s home or daycare address. All kindergarten students are to be met at their bus stops
by a person designated by the parent/guardian. Tacoma School District bus drivers are instructed
not to leave a kindergarten student alone without a person acknowledging their presence. In the
event that someone is not at the bus stop to receive a child, the bus driver will contact the
dispatch office and report the situation. A reasonable effort will be made to contact a
parent/guardian. If contact cannot be made, dispatch will notify the child’s school. The child will
be returned to the school at the end of the bus run or the child’s assigned bus stop if contact had
been made with the parent/guardian.

Written authorization must be provided if a parent/guardian or other designated person will not
be at the stop and the student may walk home or to daycare without supervision.

P.M. Stops
Afternoon kindergarten students will be dropped off at established, published, neighborhood bus
stops, not their individual noon stops. Kindergarten students will be getting off the bus with other
students in grade K-5. Parents/guardians are encouraged to meet their children at the bus stops;
however, a parent/guardian does not have to be at the stop for the student to be dropped off. If a
kindergarten child is the only one who uses the stop and the parent/guardian is not present, the
child will be returned to the school unless the parent/guardian has signed the authorization form.
Parents should familiarize the child with the appropriate bus stop, the proper walking path and
other students to walk with.

Adoption Date: 7/27/2000

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