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Regulation 6600.3R

Transportation Safety

All students riding yellow bus service (district and contractor fleet) to and from school shall be instructed in the proper exiting of a school bus in an emergency situation.

Emergency evacuation drills shall be held at the school location twice during the regular school year, each within six weeks of the start of the school year and the middle of the school year. Emergency drills for Head Start students shall be held three times during the school year. A verbal review of the emergency exit procedures shall be given to all riders within two weeks of the initial drill.

Special education students shall be excused from evacuating the bus through the emergency exit door if the handicapping condition prohibits the safe evacuation of the student from that exit. These students shall receive oral instruction on proper emergency exit drill procedures two times during the school year. The names of students who were present and who were unable to participate shall be recorded.

The procedure for the emergency drill is as follows:

  1. The driver shall demonstrate to all riders how to shut off the motor, set the parking brake, put the bus in gear, and remove the bus keys.
  2. The driver shall point out the location of the emergency exit doors and demonstrate how to open the door.
  3. The drivers shall point out the location of the emergency equipment and demonstrate how to use it. Emergency equipment includes the fire extinguisher, first aid kit, highway reflectors and a two-way radio.
  4. The driver shall point out the location of the emergency air release lever (if bus is so equipped) and how to open the service door.
  5. The driver shall assign two responsible students to assist the driver in the evacuation drill. The students shall stand on the ground on each side of the emergency exit door to assist students as they exit the bus. The driver shall observe the evacuation, and assist as necessary.
  6. Students shall be instructed to go to a safe location off the roadway after exiting the bus.
  7. The driver shall instruct the students to maintain order while exiting the bus and to leave all personal belongings (books, lunches) on the bus.
  8. The driver shall assign a responsible student to any students who are injured or appear disoriented during the exit drill.


Legal Reference:
WAC 392-145-040 Emergencies-Bus Drills

Approved 3/12/02

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