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Policy No. 6570
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The district recognizes the importance of public records as the record of the acts of the district and the repository of such information both in hard copy (paper) and/or electronic means. The public has the right under law to inspect and procure copies of such records with certain exceptions. The public records of the district shall mean any account, voucher or contract dealing with the receipt or disbursement of funds; with acquisition, use or disposal of services or of supplies, materials, equipment or other property; or with any minutes, orders or decisions fixing the personal or property rights, privileges, immunities, duties or obligations of any person or group.

Records may only be destroyed when authorized by the General Records Retention Schedule and Destruction Authorization provided by the Office of Secretary of State, Division of Archives and Records Management.

Cross Reference:
Board Policy 3231 Student Records
Board Policy 4040 Public Access to School District Records
6955 Construction Records 6211 Property and Equipment Records

Legal References:
RCW 28A.335.090 Conveyance and Acquisition of Property-Management-Appraisal
RCW 28A.400.030 Superintendent's Duties 40.14 Preservation and Destruction of Public Records
RCW 42.17.250 through 340 Public Records
RCW 40.14.010 Definition of Public Records

Accounting Guidelines:
General Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
Governmental Auditing & Financial Reporting (GAAFR)

Adoption Date: 03/28/02

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