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Regulation 6540R

School District’s Responsibility for Privately Owned Property

The following guidelines shall apply to loss of or damage to privately owned property:

  1. Leaving items of obvious value at the school over a weekend or vacation period should be avoided.
  2. The district shall not reimburse for loss of money or personal effects except as otherwise authorized in collective bargaining agreements.
  3. The use of personal equipment must have the prior approval of the principal or supervisor.
  4. The district’s responsibility will be secondary to any personal insurance carried by claimants. All claims shall include a copy of personal insurance coverage. If personal insurance coverage is available, the district shall reimburse the employee’s deductible, subject to the employee’s collective bargaining agreement.
  5. Proper documentation shall accompany the request for reimbursement. This shall include repair estimates, original receipts or price quotes for replacement, subject to depreciation.
  6. Claims for reimbursement must be filed in accordance with the procedure.

Approved 2/19/02

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